Our Services

At Lowther's Lofts, with over 40 years’ experience, we have created a simple process that not only keeps our clients happy but pleases their neighbours too.

Our initial services include: 

  • A free survey

  • A free feasibility study

  • A free quotation

  • Access to a specialist loft conversion Architect


The Process

Privacy is a necessity, not a luxury, and we understand why you might dread the thought of builders traipsing through your home. Rest assured, we carry out all loft conversions from the outside-in, working from scaffolds to guarantee minimal interruption to your home life. You can therefore relax and continue living in your home as usual.

Stage 1

  • Scaffold erected, materials on site

  • Gain access

  • Prepare easy access off of the scaffold through the roof

  • Water tight & secure at all times

  • Building inspector first site visit

  • Clear loft & prepare for steel work

Stage 2

  • Install steel work as per specification

  • Building inspector inspects steel work

  • Floor Down

  • Construct dormer & boarding out either flat roof or pitched roof and dorma cheeks on the same day

Stage 3

  • All roofing underlays

  • Battening and external tiling

  • And/or flatroofing coverings

  • Windows in

Stage 4

  • Insulating of all areas as per requirements & specifications - Cellutex & Isowal

  • Plaster-boarding & internal stud walls

  • Doorways, liners & floor

  • Building inspector inspects Insulation

Stage 5

  • Purpose made Staircase cut in & installed

  • First fix wiring & plumbing

  • Plaster-boarding

Stage 6

  • Plaster-boarding throughout

  • 2nd fix skirting, architrave, doors etc.

  • Plumbing & electrics

  • Handrail, banister, sticks etc.

  • Sanitary ware

  • Fascia, soffit, guttering

  • Painting, decorating & tiling if required

  • Final building inspector visits on completion


Planning & Building Regulations

Since the changes to planning law in October 2008, most loft conversions do not require planning permission. Planning permission would be required if your house falls within a conservation area or an area of outstanding natural beauty. However, your conversion does require building regulation approval, whether the conversion needs planning permission or not. We will carry out the application on your behalf.

All conversions must be inspected for building regulation approval either by the local authority building control or by an independent regulated inspector. After the building inspectors final visit & once the work has been passed a completion certificate will be issued.

Most lofts can be converted under permitted development. To be permitted development any additional roof space created must not exceed:

  • 40 cubic meters for terraced houses

  • 50 cubic meters for detached and semi-detached houses

Dormers can be built on the rear & the hipped side when the slope of any part of the roof doesn't face a highway. A gable up conversion (converting a hip to a gable) is also permitted in the same circumstances.

For more information please visit the official governmental planning portal

Click here to download a PDF summary